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Before buying or selling a business you should get expert advice on the transaction. Our experience in advising businesses of all shapes and sizes means you can rely on our corporate lawyers to guide you through the process.

At FDR Law, we work with companies across a wide range of industry sectors. Our lawyers will provide you with commercial and pragmatic advice delivered in a way that’s easy to understand. We pride ourselves on our commercial acumen and appreciate that an important element of our role is to make you aware of both the risks and returns of the transaction.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a business then contact us. We will work closely with you and your other advisors to help you through the process from negotiation with the buyer or seller through to completion of the deal.

Business Sales and Transfers FAQ

What is the difference between a share purchase and an asset purchase?

In a share purchase the buyer becomes the shareholder of the target company automatically taking responsibility for all assets, obligations, commitments and liabilities of that company

In an asset purchase (also known as a business purchase), the buyer only buys those assets and liabilities that it wishes to acquire from the seller and purchases them, together with the business (or part of the business) in which those assets are used (the target business).  An asset purchase enables the buyer to “leave behind” obligations and liabilities.

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