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Medical Negligence Solicitors

We all expect to receive the best medical care from health professionals who are competent in their fields. Occasionally however the quality of care and treatment falls below acceptable standards.

Negligence can occur in a number of ways, from an incorrect or delayed diagnosis to mistakes made during operations. And negligence isn’t only limited to doctors. Dentists, cosmetic surgeons, nursing home staff and other healthcare providers should all be expected to perform their duties in a caring and competent manner. Sadly occasionally things go wrong, leading to unnecessary injury, disability or even death for the patient.

If this mirrors your experience, you may have a right to seek compensation.

The first step is to call our expert, friendly solicitors at FDR Law for a free initial phone conversation to assess whether you might have a claim. We can help clarify the options available to you, including a discussion about funding. Financial assistance to support your claim could be available through legal aid or an existing insurance policy or we may be able to offer to work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If you decide to proceed, we’ll then collate all the necessary evidence, medical records and documentation to support your claim. We’ll take the time to get to know you and really understand the issues at the heart of your complaint.

You can talk to us in complete confidence. Our friendly, knowledgeable and sympathetic medical negligence solicitors are here to answer all the questions you may have about the claims process. We avoid legal and medical jargon and promise to explain everything in plain English. And you’ll be pleased to know, most claims are settled out of court.

FDR Law is now part of the AIIC Group, which includes top 60 UK law firm Taylor Rose MW.  We now offer the same legal services as before as part of the Taylor Rose MW Warrington team.