History & Key Milestones

FDR Law has a long history and connection with Warrington, some of the key milestones and facts include:

  • The history of Forshaws Davies Ridgway can be traced back to around 1750 meaning that the firm has been established for over 250 years in the legal sector.
  • Forshaws Davies Ridgway LLP was acquired by AIIC Holdings Ltd on 30 June 2021.
  • 1st July 2008 saw the coming together of Warrington’s two largest legal practices, Forshaws and Davies Ridgway to create Forshaws Davies Ridgway LLP adopting the trading name of FDR Law in 2015.
  • Forshaws was founded in 1902 by William Joseph Forshaw and his son William Thomas Forshaws at an office in Suez Street, Warrington.
  • Having first joined a law firm in 1878 as accountant, William Joseph Forshaw would go on to become an influential individual in the Warrington area and became Mayor of Warrington in 1908.
  • Over the past 130 years Forshaws has undergone a number of mergers and acquisitions which have involved partners and staff from most of the other practices in the area. Over this period the firm has had many names included Forshaws Richmond and Forshaws Spittle Dove & Hodd.
  • Davies Ridgway was formed in 2003 following the merger of two of the area’s longest serving practices, Robert Davies & Co and Ridgway Greenalls.
  • Henry Greenall started practising in Warrington during the latter part of the 19th century as a solicitor and then partner at Turner & Kerfoot which dates back to 1750. By 1902 Greenall had changed the name of the practice to Henry Greenall & Co who would eventually join with Ridgway Sephton in 1988 to form Ridgway Greenalls.
  • Robert Davies and Co was originally founded by the much respected William Beamont in 1820. By 1847 William had become the first Mayor of Warrington and would go on to found both Warrington’s library and gas works as well as being an enthusiastic benefactor to many local churches and schools. He was also a recognised author of historical books and today has a school named after him on Long Lane, Warrington.