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The primary aim of the Collaborative Law process is to achieve a mutually agreed and fair settlement of the issues which arise when a relationship breaks down, without the need for court involvement.

In many cases, Collaborative Law can reduce stress and can help you and your partner maintain a more constructive relationship post-divorce or dissolution, which can be much more beneficial when children are involved. We want to support you and make this time as smooth as possible.

For some couples, in certain circumstances, the collaborative approach may not be the best solution. At FDR Law, we advise you on the most suitable resolutions. We understand that for many, the holistic, inclusive and co-operative ethos of collaboration provides the very best scope for couples to reach an agreement and move on.

During the process, you and your partner are represented by your own lawyer and all parties have a shared commitment to avoid litigation. We will represent your interests within this process and give you the advice necessary to arrange an amicable way of moving forward.

Instead of conducting negotiations between each party by letter or phone, we will be there to guide you as we all meet to work things out face-to-face.

We are simply there to provide a structure, to offer guidance, and to advise on the legal issues relating to relationship breakdown. With our experience, we can steer discussion if they get off track, but it is you who sets the agenda and you who remains in control of arriving at your own solutions.

For more information about the process of Collaborative Law, please call to discuss your options. Ruth Hetherington is a trained and experienced Collaborative Lawyer at FDR Law, who can advise and support you through the process. View our Client Guide – Collaborative Law for more information.


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