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Financial Arrangements Solicitors

Deciding how to split your assets after the breakdown of a relationship can often lead to tension and disagreement.

Ending a marriage or civil partnership is stressful enough without rows over who gets the family home, child maintenance or how to split the pension pot.

At FDR Law, we offer you friendly, professional, expert advice on what would be a reasonable approach to take when dividing your joint possessions. There are a number of legal guidelines in operation which help to inform these decisions. We will look at your assets and income and help you to reach as amicable agreement as possible with your former partner.

We always encourage clients to reach agreement through informal discussion or formal mediation. However this approach is not always possible and where clients find it necessary to seek resolution through the courts, we will provide robust, expert support every step of the way.

Our aim is always to ensure you are fairly treated and provide all the advice and guidance you need to plan a secure future for you and your family. In divorce cases, we can also ensure that your arrangements are agreed by the court. This gives you the peace of mind that agreements made today cannot be broken in the future.

For confidential and friendly advice about financial arrangements, please call to discuss your options with one of our expert family solicitors and we’ll explain how we can help you.

Rachel  Kendrick - thank you for all the support you and your firm have given me during this process

High praise, too, is deserved by the ladies at the Reception desk who are always so welcoming and attentive, yet confidential and reassuring in an environment that may otherwise be daunting

Thanks so much again Jennifer – your advice made all the difference, everything was so simple for us to sort out after that

Many thanks again for all your help Rachel Kendrick, I will always use FDR Law for any future work I need doing

I highly recommend FDR Law for their expertise and outstanding Team

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