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What was that word again?

It is important to write about mediation as a way to resolve disputes or claims. 

Mediation is where a neutral person helps people involved in a dispute to resolve that dispute.  The best mediators are familiar with specialised communication and negotiation techniques.  The remarkable thing is that by far the vast majority of cases that go to a mediation settle. 

I am a Litigation Solicitor with over 35 years’ experience.  The nature of my work has changed over my professional career.  When I started work going to court was typically the only way to resolve claims – but now mediation is much more regularly used. 

My clients tend to like mediation since it brings about a much quicker (and cheaper) result. 

Mediation forces both sides to consider not only the strengths of their case but also the weaknesses.  The beauty of a mediation is that it is the people involved who decide to settle the case – rather than having an unpredictable outcome forced upon them by a Judge.  It is no wonder that I am such a fan.

One lawyer has said “no self respecting lawyer wants a quick and cost effective process leading to an early settlement”.  The scope for abuse is obvious. If your lawyer hasn’t talked to you about mediation, then talk to us.

Stephen Lawson is a Partner and Head of Civil Litigation at FDR Law. He specialises in Inheritance Disputes and can be contacted on 01925 230000 or by email Stephen.Lawson@fdrlaw.co.uk