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Technology and Covid-19

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We understand that clients and potential clients will be concerned about whether they can access justice during a lockdown. The legal profession and the Courts have rapidly adapted to ensure that Family Law cases can still continue without delay.

This week the following statistics were reported –

  • Remote hearings. Since 7 April 2020, between 85% and 90% of cases have been held remotely. During April 2020, video technology accounted for just over one third of the use of remote communications technology across courts and tribunals, and audio technology accounted for just under two thirds.
  • Hearings using audio technology. On 24 April 2020, the estimated use of audio in hearings increased to approximately 2,800 a day. The highest recorded figure for a single day was on 8 April 2020, where approximately 3,400 hearings used audio technology.
  • Hearings using video technology. The numbers of cases heard each day with the use of video technology increased from approximately 750 in the final week of March, to around 1,250 on 24 April 2020. The highest recorded figure for a single day was on 8 April 2020, where approximately 1,300 hearings used video technology.
  • Face-to-face hearings. The numbers of cases heard solely face-to-face decreased from approximately 650 on 27 March 2020, to around 400 on 24 April 2020. The lowest recorded figure for a single day was on 23 April 2020, where the number of face-to-face hearings was approximately 300.

Jennifer Roulston, Family Law Partner at FDR Law with offices at Stockton Heath, Warrington and Frodsham says,

I hope these statistics show that it really is business as usual!  We are finding remote hearings can be really successful and more convenient. The Family Department at FDR has always adapted our work practices and hours to fit in with our clients and it is so important that the Court system has changed too.

We are able to take appointments and offer advice by telephone or videoconference.  Simply call our usual office number 01925 230000 or e-mail Jennifer.roulston@fdrlaw.co.uk to discuss any of the issues raised in this article on a confidential basis.