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Parental Responsibility - what you need to know

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There is a common misconception that if you are out of the country, for example if you have been deployed oversees, then you do not have Parental Responsibility or in some way your Responsibility is diminished, however this is untrue. 

Most parents do have PR.  However, if you do not then you can obtain Parental Responsibility through a number of ways.  This is something that we can assist you with.

Parental Responsibility is something that a mother automatically obtains.   However, for fathers this is not the same unless you are married or your name is on the birth certificate.   If you don’t have it you can come to a Parental Responsibility agreement with the Child’s mother or can obtain an Order from the Court.    

If you have Parental Responsibility, then it means that you get a say and have input in to your child’s upbringing.  This includes being able to say where your child should go to school, their religion, legal name, what medical treatment they should receive, if they can be taken out of England and Wales etc. 

Everyone with Parental Responsibility must be involved in the important decisions relating to the child and there must be an agreement.  Therefore, if you do not hold Parental Responsibility your input will be much more limited and you are unlikely to be able to influence the decision for example your child going abroad.  It will also limit your ability to receive information about your child from medical professions such as the GP, their school etc. 

Karah Lane at FDR Law can help you with issues such as obtaining Parental Responsibility and ensuring that you have a say in your child’s life. 

If you would like further information and how it may affect you then please do not hesitate to contact Karah Lane on karah.lane@fdrlaw.co.uk or ring Karah or another member of our Family team on 01925 230 000.