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Whilst it is absolutely fantastic that the England National Team have made the first major final since 1966, what isn’t so good to hear is that in a recent report prepared by the National Centre of Domestic Violence reported incidents of domestic abuse increase by 26% if England play and by 38% if England lose. 

It is absolutely horrific to hear that the beautiful game is compounding an already entrenched problem within England and Wales.

During the lockdown period there were concerns that domestic abuse was on the rise and the government, in order to counteract this, took measures in order to try to alleviate some of these issues. 

It is important to know that help is out there, and there are a number of organisations that can help with support of a practical nature to help to get out of the situation, but also to provide legal support in order to take matters forward and provide much needed ongoing protection.  The Police can assist with domestic abuse issues, but especially where the incidents involve partners or former partners there are legal avenues that can be entered into, such as warning letters and Injunctions. 

What is a little known fact is that Legal Aid is available for injunctive matters and such Orders can be obtained quickly and often initially without the other party actually being present in Court.

It is important to get legal advice at the earliest opportunity to provide the greatest level of protection.

At FDR Law we have a dedicated Family Team that deal with these issues.  If you would like further information and how it may affect you then please do not hesitate to contact Darren White on or ring Darren or another member of our Family team on 01925 230 000.