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Not looking forward to St Valentines Day this year?

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Roses are red, and right now you feel blue, 
But we're here to support you, and help guide you through
Sometimes love's not forever, it's sad but it's true
But with care and good counsel you can build something new
Moving on isn't easy, and there's so much to do
But down the path is your future and we're walking with you

In the run up to Valentine’s Day we are literally bombarded with images of red hearts, cupid and his bow, soppy words, romantic gift offers and suggestions on how to spend 14th February with the one we love.

That’s all very well for couples who are feeling the love, but for many this time of year can be tough.  For people having issues in their relationship instead of bringing you together for a cosy night in, it can highlight the fact you’d rather spend it elsewhere / on your own / with someone else new (delete as applicable)

We’ve made light of it here, but our Matrimonial lawyers are serious about ensuring you get the best support and advice for you.

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