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Marriages and Covid-19

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All the years of planning, saving and excitement and you have to cancel. 

We probably all know couples whose weddings have been cancelled or postponed because of Covid-19. It is still not possible to get married during this pandemic. The new Coronavirus Act gives the Secretary of State the power to prohibit events and gathering.

Some couples are using this delay and extra time to plan for their financial future and consulting us in respect of pre-nuptial agreements.

Jennifer Roulston, Family Law Partner at FDR Law with offices at Stockton Heath, Warrington and Frodsham says,

Pre-nuptials do not mean that your marriage is doomed but are very helpful to some people to set out what would happen if they separated. We find clients who have previously divorced are particularly keen to come to an agreement during the happy stage of a relationship rather than to argue about matters when they no longer get along.

We are able to take appointments and offer advice by telephone or videoconference.  Simply call our usual office number 01925 230000 or e-mail Jennifer.roulston@fdrlaw.co.uk to discuss any of the issues raised in this article on a confidential basis.