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Location Location Location

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Channel 4’s Location Location Location along with Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer were in Cheshire in May filming an episode for their next series.

The programme focuses on finding properties on behalf of people usually living in another part of the country who are looking to relocate.  The experts offer advice on various aspects from a buyer’s perspective and make recommendations based on their wish list.

One area of buying a house that they don’t usually cover in much detail is the legals, so we asked Joanna Wilde, Solicitor to give us her Top 3 Tips to Conveyancing:

  1. Be Organised – put your paperwork in order as soon as you can - and did you know you can instruct your solicitor before your offer has been accepted?  An early start saves time as the initial paperwork can be worked on and be ready to go once the sale has been agreed.
  2. Online Tracking – selecting a solicitor that utilises a customer online tracker system will enable you to view the process every step of the way, including any delays and why they are happening! 
  3. Stay Positive – buying a house is the largest investment many of us will make and as a result can be very stressful, especially if have had a bad experience personally or know someone who has.  

It may put your mind at rest to know that in our experience the vast majority of transactions go through as planned and hoped for.

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