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Dealing With Stressful Relationships

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Christmas – ‘tis the season to be jolly. Or is it? Apparently lots of us find the whole period rather stressful.

According to a new report, over 40 per cent of the British public say dealing with Christmas festivities is ‘very stressful’ and if you’re separated or divorced, the rate is even higher.

Jennifer Rouston, who is a family partner at QualitySolicitors Forshaws Davies Ridgeway, is a member of Resolution, which represents family law professionals in England and Wales and is the body which commissioned the survey.

She said: “Christmas places additional strain on people for all sorts of reasons and divorced or separated people often find this period extra difficult. There can be arguments about where the children will spend Christmas, competing grandparents, integrating new partners and a fear of being alone.

“The problem is even worse for separated or divorced pensioners. Over half of them apparently want the Christmas season to be over as soon as possible. And nearly 60 per cent of young divorcees (aged 18-34) also say they are very stressed at this time.

“Ending relationships well and sorting out unresolved issues over finance and contact with children is key to moving forwards into a happier future,” she said.

To help people through the trauma of separation and divorce, Resolution has just launched a new advice guide, providing more information about the options available for couples who are splitting up. The guide can be downloaded free at

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