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Commercial Department relocates to Palmyra Square

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FDR Law's Commercial Department is moving into 1-3 Palmyra Square


From 1st January 2020 FDR Law’s Commercial Department will vacate 21 Bold Street and relocate to 1-3 Palmyra Square, Warrington. The move will bring to an end an 80-year period when 21 Bold Street has been the home of a number of local firms of solicitors.

Mark Lockett, CEO, said “The lease on 21 Bold Street expired several years ago and FDR Law have been holding over on the lease to allow the owners time to decide what they wanted to do with the building. Having reviewed renewal proposals against our existing office space and the future needs of the business, the decision was taken not to renew the lease and to re-locate the Commercial Department into existing office space in 1-3 Palmyra Square.

We looked at our existing space across all six of our offices in Warrington, Stockton Heath and Frodsham and found that a lot of office space was underutilised due to meetings out of the office and home working.  We therefore decided that we needed to address the efficiency of each office. Additionally, we also decided to review our storage and archiving needs to meet regulatory requirements, reduce our carbon footprint and encourage paper-lite working.  The firm has worked hard over the last 18 months to reduce the amount of paper it generates and then has to physically store for the next 10+ years. Adopting better working practices through the use of technology means that we no longer require the same amount of storage space we’ve previously needed”.

Stephen Woodall, Head of Commercial, said “Many firms are reviewing the use of their office space and are moving to agile working to meet the needs of their clients.  We have listened to what our clients have told us, and they tell us that they require more flexibility from the professionals they work with.  They want us to meet at their premises and make better use of modern technology to meet the needs of the modern world.

Internally, making better use of technology and freeing up storage space makes sense as it means that lawyers can share offices which is ideal for team building and the sharing of expertise and experience. Everyone across the firm has bought into FDR Law’s new way of working.  Also, the ability to offer flexible working means that we can maintain and attract the best legal professionals who are looking to improve their work-life balance”.

As Warrington’s largest law firm, FDR Law will continue to have a strong presence in Warrington town centre as it will still operate from existing offices at 1-3 Palmyra Square, 5 Palmyra Square and 17-21 Palmyra Square.  FDR Law will maintain its offices in Stockton Heath and Frodsham.