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Corporate Structures

FDR Law can assist you with choosing the correct structure for your business.  There are several options to consider, including Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.

Our team of experienced commercial solicitors will assist you in choosing the right option for you.  We can then deal with all aspects of your business structure including:

  • Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Agreements
  • Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements
  • Company formation
  • Franchises

Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Agreements

A Partnership is often the preferred way for people to go into business together.An Unlimited Partnership is where two or more people are working together in a business and sharing profits.Individuals are personally liable for all debts incurred in the running of the partnership business.

A Limited Liability Partnership shares many of the advantages of an Unlimited Partnership but because it has its own legal status, separate from the Partners, it has the advantage of limited personal liability for the debts of the business.

Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements include Collaboration Agreements, Co-operation Agreements, Research and Development Agreements through to specific equity stakes in a corporate vehicle.

Company formation

A Limited Company is an entity that is owned by its Shareholders and run by a Board of Directors.The company is a separate legal entity from either its Directors or its Shareholders and which can enter into contracts, buy and sell assets and conduct business.


A Franchise is an agreement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade name, business systems and processes to produce and market goods or services according to certain specific requirements.

FDR Law’s team  will help you in identifying the right structure for you.  If you decide that a Limited Liability Company should be set up then we can assist you with the company formation and deal with any amendments to the standard Articles of Association or Shareholder Agreements.

If you decide to proceed by way of a Partnership or a Limited Liability Partnership then we can ensure that a properly drafted agreement is drawn up and entered into at the outset.

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