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New Build Property Solicitors

The legal process of conveyancing differs somewhat when buying a Newbuild and requires experience and specialist skills, unique to this area of the law.

The Newbuild team at FDR Law are dedicated specialists and can assist you every step of the way, from the moment you reserve your plot to that moment you open your new front door for the first time.

How can FDR Law help with your New Build Property?

Our expert solicitors will ensure that all documentation and information provided by the Developers and their Solicitors will be thoroughly reviewed. Any enquiries will be raised, replies approved, and any specific reports provided to you will be checked to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing, and how your future ownership of the property will look.

Once all documentation has been signed, all enquiries are answered, and you are ready and happy to proceed, we will ensure a smooth and stress-free Exchange of Contracts and Completion process.

Right until that moment you collect your keys, we will be by your side.

We can assist you with:

Understanding sales incentives: often housing developers may offer additional incentives such as payment towards legal fees or stamp duty contributions.

New Home Warranty or Guarantee: the housing Developer will offer this as part of the construction and the activation will be triggered by your solicitor during the legal process.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations Consents: we will ensure that Local Authority planning permission has been granted and if there are any attached conditions which will need to be adhered to. Similarly, with Building Regulations consent this controls the methods and materials used in the construction of the property to ensure that standards are maintained throughout.

Road and Sewer Adoption Agreements: we will ensure that the appropriate agreements have been entered into by the Developer with the Local Authorities or are in the process of being done so with the required implementations in place for future adoption.

Covenants and Restrictive Covenants: these are a set of positive and negative obligations placed on New Build purchasers that you must abide by during your ownership of the property. Our experienced solicitors will be able to provide guidance on these and answer any of your questions.

Appropriate Rights: your property must have appropriate rights to enable you to use and get full enjoyment from your property such as a right to use the roadways, right of support from neighbouring properties, right to connect to all the required services. We will check to ensure the legal documentation includes all the appropriate rights you will require.

Liaising with Mortgage Lenders: we will not only act for you but will also act for your new Mortgage Lender. Once your new Mortgage Offer is issued, we will review and action as necessary and continue to liaise with the Lender throughout the process, right to the point of requesting mortgage funds for completion.

Help To Buy ISA/Lifetime ISA funding: if you have a specific first-time buyer ISA account to be utilised towards your first house purchase, we will deal with this aspect for you and request specific funds from your bank ready for exchange and completion.

Property Registration: we will deal with the registration of your property at the Land Registry to ensure your ownership of the property is secured correctly and provide your new Title Deeds to you post completion.

If you also have a related Sale or Remortgage property you wish to tie in with your New Build purchase, we can also of course assist with this.

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If would like to discuss your specific circumstances with one of our expert solicitors, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to find out more.