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Residential Sales

At FDR Law we aim to simplify the process of selling your property by providing you with regular and transparent updates. We understand this can be a complicated process, so our expert lawyers are here to make sure that you are clear on the process from start to finish. 

What does the process look like? 

We provide access to an online portal so that information can be shared at the click of a button. Here, you can complete the initial paperwork at your own convenience which is then put directly back into our system to avoid unnecessary delays. Our clients also no longer need to visit our offices in person if they prefer not to as the identity checks can all be carried out online, further speeding up the process.

Your solicitor will keep a completion statement updated on the online portal so that you always have immediate access to it and can see where we are throughout the process. This ensures that our legal fees are crystal clear from the very outset, and you can clearly see the amount of money that will be due back to you from the sale. Our lawyers will also arrange to pay off any outstanding mortgages and any relevant figures will appear on your completion statement.

Once the initial paperwork is completed, your solicitor will compile a pack of information for the buyer’s solicitor which includes the paperwork completed by you, a draft contract, title documents obtained from the land registry and any other information that may be required. The buyer and their solicitor will then ask any questions they have about the content of the pack and your solicitor will respond to these with input from you as required. During this time, your solicitor will arrange for you to sign the contract and any other papers as required. Wherever possible they will arrange for these to be signed electronically to avoid the need for posting documents, helping to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Once the buyer is satisfied with the answers given and has their finances in order, all parties can agree a completion date so that we can exchange contracts. This is the point at which the completion date is set in stone so that you can make any arrangements required such as removals and transfer of utilities. You can also usually cancel your buildings insurance on the property as the responsibility for insurance usually moves to the buyer at exchange of contracts and your solicitor will explain this to you in further detail. 

On the day of completion, you must vacate the property entirely unless other arrangements have been agreed within the contract. This includes items in lofts, sheds, gardens etc. The money will be sent to your solicitor at some point during the day and it is very difficult to predict exactly what time completion will take place. The banking system and other parties in the chain can occasionally cause delays to the money being moved but generally completion takes place at around 2pm. Your solicitor will keep in touch with you throughout the day and will let you know just as soon as money has arrived so that completion can take place. 

It is difficult to predict how long the entire process will take as some matters are outside of our control, however at FDR Law we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to sales and will work with you and your estate agents to achieve your desired timescales.

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