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Commercial Development

Our dedicated team of development lawyers work tirelessly to ensure every deal is handled with a view to maximising asset value whilst minimising developer risk. The team at FDR Law work on a variety of projects of varying scales across various sectors and are confident in dealing with constraints in a timely and efficient manner.

Development Constraints

Our work includes recognising and advising on title issues, environmental factors and strategic land acquisitions, as well as negotiating and drafting overage provisions, conditional contracts and promotion agreements. The team at FDR Law take a commercial approach to provide clear direction and bespoke advice to all clients.

We work hard to ensure that we pre-empt potential challenges and are pro-active in obtaining as much information as possible from the outset (from the client, through site inspections and through our detailed due diligence). This thorough approach combined with our extensive experience of the sector means that our clients are aware of all site and development constraints before embarking upon the next step in the development process.

Legal Structuring Options

Having a sound legal structure forms the basis to any successful development project. FDR Law is here to guide you in choosing an appropriate legal structure for your project according to its scale, complexity, agreed input and anticipated outputs.

Before pursuing a new development our clients work closely with us to decide how to structure an institutionally acceptable investment. We help our clients choose an appropriate vehicle for their project taking into account how it is to be financed. FDR Law understands the need to balance profitability and tax benefits against any excessive administrative burden.

FDR Law advises a range of business entities and have extensive experience working with limited liability partnerships, real estate investment trusts, limited partnerships and on joint venture arrangements. We have a proven track record in the structuring and facilitating of successful projects within both the private and public sector. Our longstanding relationships with these clients confirm that we are an invaluable resource to be taken advantage of.

Development Agreements & Forward Funding

FDR Law provides a Partner led team to deal with all aspects of development transactions. We understand that our clients need advice from various sectors when orchestrating complex, long-term development projects. In order to simplify and speed up the process we often build cross-disciplinary teams to provide specialist advice.

The team have significant experience negotiating development agreements, whether that is conditional developments dependent upon planning, title or resolution of other constraints, negotiating development obligations incentives and penalties, phased development schemes through to structured building leases, complex estate site set up and bespoke transfers.

Forward funding transactions are a hugely profitable way to create new investment opportunities, however with profit comes risk, and with risk often comes the added burden of lengthy negotiations and additional administration. The team at FDR Law understand what elements are important to both the developer and the seller in these transactions and can provide commercially sensible, innovative advice to deliver the desired results for the client.

Jane Courtney is hard working and has dealt with urgent matters promptly and in an efficient manner. This enables matters to move forward smoothly

Jane Courtney's efforts in completing a long standing matter were very much appreciated. It has been a great pleasure to work with her

FDR has provided a variety of advice to Langtree and our Joint Ventures covering commercial agreements and intellectual  property advice.  All advice has been proactive and pragmatic.  Importantly the advice has been partner led , delivered in a  highly  personable style  with the lead contact readily available.  Overall a professional service with  targeted and cost effective advice.

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