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You never know what life has in store around the corner, which is why it’s important to know your wishes will be followed after your death.

If you die without a Will, there is a set legal formula for the distribution of your estate which includes bequests to any spouse, children, grandchildren and other blood relatives. If you are sharing a home with a loved one who is not protected by marriage or a civil partnership, they could get nothing unless you specifically name them in a Will.

It’s too easy to put off making a Will but seize the moment and make today the day you get it sorted.

Our friendly, professional solicitors have a wealth of experience in creating Wills and will make the process fast, straightforward and hassle-free. They know the questions to ask and will guide you gently through the process. Whether your affairs are straightforward or more complex, our Will writing service ensures that your Will is valid and right for you.

We can also store your Will safely - protecting it from loss or damage. And once in place, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ve planned for whatever the future may bring.

We promise to give you an up-front assessment of costs so there are no hidden extras. Making a Will could not be simpler.

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