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Arrest & Prosecution Solicitors

If you are accused of a criminal offence, it’s vital from the start to have the best legal support and advice. At FDR Law, we have experienced specialist criminal lawyers who are highly skilled at defending people who are accused of all types of crime.

From public order offences to serious crime – you need legal support when attending interviews, answering questions or providing the authorities, such as the police, with any evidence or information.

Never accept a police caution without getting professional legal advice. And if the matter proceeds to a formal charge and possible sanctions, expert legal support becomes vitally important.

For all types of offences, our specialist lawyers can advise and represent you - at the police station, at magistrates’ court or crown court. They explain what’s happening, using plain, jargon-free English so you fully understand what the consequences might be. If your case goes to court, our lawyers are thorough and diligent.

If you’re arrested, our lawyers are available to attend you at a police station at any hour, day or night. Legal advice won’t cost you a penny and will not cause any delays, so if you’re in trouble, give us a call on our emergency line 07808 140659.

We aim to provide you with the best possible defence at every stage in the process.

Contact us today on 01925 256610 and let us help you with your case.


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