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Property Disputes Solicitors

Our property litigation solicitors provide cost effective advice and assistance for a wide range of clients involved in property disputes.  We are experienced in dealing with both landlord and tenants of commercial properties.  Our property litigators have the knowledge, skills and experience to bring and defend complex and high value claims.

Our areas of expertise include: -

  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes
  • Forfeiture - Leases often contain a right for the Landlord to re-enter the premises and bring the lease to an end if a Tenant is in breach of its obligations.
  • Rent arrears and possession
  • Renewal leases - Subject to certain conditions being complied with a business tenant is entitled to automatic renewal of their lease upon termination of the existing lease across various sectors in the recovery of rent and other charges and premises.
  • Break Notices - Break Notices require specific compliance with the precise terms of the break clause otherwise they run the risk of being ineffective.We are instructed by both Landlords and Tenants to deal with the preparation of Break Notices and considerations of non-compliance with any pre-conditions.
  • Breach of covenants - Leases contain specific covenants which control the way in which Tenants can use their premises and which restrict their ability to underlet or assign the lease.We advise both Landlords and Tenants on the interpretation and enforceability of those covenants.
  • Breach of repair and dilapidations - Every lease contains a covenant to “repair or keep in repair”.Our team of property litigation solicitors advise both Landlords and Tenants on dilapidation claims.

Our team of property litigation solicitors work in conjunction with our Commercial Property Team to ensure that our clients receive a full service encompassing all their needs.

FDR Law is now part of the AIIC Group, which includes top 60 UK law firm Taylor Rose MW.  We now offer the same legal services as before as part of the Taylor Rose MW Warrington team.