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Property Disputes Solicitors

At FDR Law, we are experts in helping clients to resolve property disputes.

Boundary Disputes

An Englishman’s home is his castle but sometimes there can be confusion over the exact location of a boundary. Disputing a boundary with a neighbour does not mean you have to fall out with them. Handled correctly by experienced solicitors, we find many issues can be resolved quickly, fairly and amicably.

Boundary disputes can cover many issues from disagreements over boundary lines to agreeing who is responsible for the maintenance of shared areas. Sometimes it may not be clear who owns a particular boundary and, if changes have occurred over time, it can be difficult to resolve boundary disputes without the help of a specialist property solicitor.

At FDR Law, we can help resolve boundary disputes and take the stress out of any disagreements you may be having with your neighbours. We may be able to find answers simply by referring to your property deeds but if this isn’t possible, we can carry out further investigations to resolve issues.

Contract Disputes

Our specialist solicitors can also help you resolve disputes over property contracts. Whether you’re a home owner, landlord or tenant, we can help you understand the terms of a contract and resolve whatever issues you are facing.

Most of the time a contract serves to ensure that each party understands their rights and responsibilities and helps protect everyone involved. However disagreements can arise, perhaps with a mortgage lender, landlord, insurance company or service provider such as a builder or utility provider.

Often a change of circumstances between co-owners of a property can mean that one owner may wish to sell the property or purchase the other’s interest, this can sometimes lead to disputes and we have experience in dealing with a variety of disputes between different co-owners of property

Whatever situation you’re facing, we’ll help you take control and resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our litigation solicitors are experts in all areas of property law, so give us a call on 01925 230000. We can find out what issues may be involved and give you answers to your questions quickly and easily.


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