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FDR Law Case Study - Personal Injury - Work Place Accident

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Brian Owens, a specialist litigation executive with FDR Law, based in Palmyra Square, Warrington discusses how an accident in the work place led to a personal injury claim
We represented Mrs Z and recovered for her the sum of £50,000 following an incident whilst leaving work after sunset.
Mrs Z fell because a piece of equipment had been left in a walkway and wasn’t visible due to lack of lighting.  She suffered a significant fracture to her right wrist and forearm leaving her with some ongoing disability. 
There were two potential defendants, an employer and the building occupier. The claim was pursued against both defendants.   Both potential defendants denied liability for the injuries following submission of the claim through the low value Claims Portal. 
The claim proceeded and exited the Civil Procedure Claims Protocol.  Upon production of an orthopaedic medical report, it became quite clear that the extent of the injuries where more varied than originally considered and there was a recommendation for further medical reports to be obtained.
The Defendant made initial offers to settle, however they were rejected and based on the medical evidence a more appropriate offer to settle was put forward on behalf of Mrs Z.  This accepted along with payment of Mrs Z’s legal costs.
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Case reference HOG1157-1