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At FDR Law, we offer refreshingly personal legal advice, to make a difference to the lives and businesses of our clients.

We have an outstanding reputation for being trustworthy, friendly and approachable whilst providing practical, pragmatic and robust advice. All of our people have a passion for service, which is what makes the FDR difference. 

Oliver Burton, CEO

What our clients say

  • I could not have picked a more competent Solicitor to represent me than Jennifer Roulston. I cannot express the support and strength you have given me. My faith and belief in you gave me the strength to keep going.  
  • Many thanks Jennifer Roulston for finalising everything so smoothly. This is all down to your professionalism. You have done a sterling job for which I will always be grateful.  
  • I do appreciate how much work you have done over and above what was expected Jennifer Roulston. Thank you   

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