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Construction & Engineering

Construction Disputes

At FDR Law we understand that construction and engineering disputes are a fact of life.  We appreciate the disruption to the project and your business and that what you want is for the dispute to be dealt with as quickly as possible with the best outcome for you.

Our construction solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with: -

  • Adjudication - Despite your best efforts it is sometimes impossible to avoid disputes arising.When disputes occur you need them to be dealt with quickly and efficiently to achieve the best possible result which also includes maintaining a business relationship with your opposing party.FDR Law’s team of construction solicitors are able to advise and represent you at Adjudications.
  • Arbitration - As an alternative and a more formal process than Adjudication some project disputes are dealt with by way of Arbitration.Our construction solicitors are experienced in presenting and defending cases in Arbitration proceedings.
  • Expert Determination - As an alternative to the adversarial nature of Adjudication, Arbitration or Litigation Expert Determination is a process in which an independent expert in the subject matter of the dispute is appointed by agreement by the parties to resolve the matter following receipt of written submissions.
  • Litigation in the Technology and Construction Court
    The expert’s decision is legally binding on both parties by prior agreement.The majority of construction and engineering cases are dealt with in the specialist division of the High Court called the Technology and Construction Court (TCC). Our specialist construction solicitors have considerable experience in bringing and defending claims before the Court of Technology and Construction.