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Teeth damaged in an accident? How can we help you?

Dental injuries can be painful and unsightly and not all dental work is covered by the NHS. Correcting dental damage can be costly and for some people, an unaffordable luxury.

Solution: If you damage your teeth as a result of an accident, we may be able to bring a claim against the person who caused you the accident, to enable you to fund the treatment that you need.

Case Study

A 25-year-old man suffered a broken incisor tooth in an accident. A dentist fitted a temporary crown but this fell out. The man couldn’t afford any further treatment and was left with an embarrassing, unsightly gap which caused him pain at mealtimes.

Solution: His Solicitors obtained a report from an expert witness in Endodontic and Restorative surgery. The expert suggested a number of options, including the extraction of the tooth and insertion of a fixed dental implant or the restoration of the damaged tooth and the insertion of a permanent crown. 

The man was a smoker and smoking is potentially damaging to an implant, so he opted for a permanent crown. However the Solicitor challenged whether the crown was indeed a ‘permanent’ solution. An expert confirmed that a ‘permanent crown’ was likely to need replacing every 8-10 years. The settlement package enabled the client to fund the cost of immediate and future treatment and, compensated him for his pain and suffering.

Being able to have the dental treatment he needed, did literally bring the smile back to the young man’s face

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