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Injuries to the brain can happen as a result of an accident, or as a consequence of a difficult birth.

Caring for someone that you love who has a brain injury is extremely demanding.  Where that injury could have been avoided, it may offer some comfort to know that there is an extensive range of services and assistance available to provide support and help to you.

FDR Law have helped many people over the years in recovering substantial awards for damages that can provide the valuable assistance needed in the caring of your loved one.

The resulting support package may be as simple as physiotherapy, an electric wheelchair or the provision of household gadgets which would make everyday tasks easier.  At other end of the scale it would help with specialist housing with full 24 hour / 7 days a week care packages alongside additional services which may include; physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or assistive technology.

Managing the acquisition of those services and the continual running of a care programme is in itself a mammoth task.  In many cases a dedicated Case Manager and Team Leader are required to provide support and assistance in managing the team of carers and helpers.

In our experience, the single most important issue we have found for the relatives is ‘who is going to look after their loved one when they are no longer able to do so themselves’. 

By working with families with these worries, we know that it is of vital importance that not only is a care team put in place but the right people are chosen to provide that assistance.  We have the necessary expertise to help families make those choices for their loved ones.

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