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No-fault divorce

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The campaign to secure no-fault divorce has moved another step closer to success as it has now been backed by MPs. 

Currently, for a couple seeking a divorce, they cannot mutually agree to divorce unless they are separated for 2 years.  The only way of doing it earlier is to blame the other’s behaviour.

For most couples they want to move on with their lives and plan a future instead of waiting for this length of time to pass.  As a result, couples have no option other than to become involved in a ‘blame game’ which often causes couples to revisit the painful moments in their marriage which ultimately led to its break down which in turn introduces or escalates conflict making it harder for people to reach agreements about other issues such as children and/or finance issues.

Ruth Hetherington, Head of the Family Department at FDR Law with offices at Stockton Heath, Warrington and Frodsham says,

“At FDR Law we really welcome this change as each year around 100,000 couples get divorced in England and Wales.  Most couples find the end of their marriage traumatic and stressful enough without having to play the blame game.  No fault divorces will make it easier for parties and reduce the level of animosity and upset to both of them and thereafter enable them to focus on other important issues such as finances and children.“

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