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Making a Will under Lock Down - How we can help

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The current Covid-19 outbreak and unprecedented response has highlighted the need for Wills and estate planning advice like never before.  However, the strict government restrictions and advice on social distancing and self-isolation can make completing a new Will more challenging.  Here’s how we can help.

Flexible Contact

We are able to take appointments and offer advice by telephone or videoconference.  Simply call our usual office number 01925 230000 or e-mail ian.sydenham@fdrlaw.co.uk and we will arrange for one of our Private Client team will contact you to get things started.

We will then be able to send you all of the necessary paperwork, including a draft Will for approval by e-mail.

Completing your Will

Once you are happy with your new Will you can print it yourself if you are able but otherwise we can still send a copy to you sign.

We will be able to provide you with guidance about how to correctly complete your Will over the phone or by e-mail.

What about Witnesses?

Your Will must be witnessed by two independent people in order to be valid.  Other rules also apply and we will be able to guide you through these and make sure your Will is valid at the time.

If possible we ask that you arrange your own witnesses if you are able to do so in accordance with current rules and guidance.

However, if you cannot arrange witnesses and preparation of your Will is urgent then we may be able to visit you to witness it.  Every case is different so we would need to discuss this with you.


We recommend that, once you have signed your Will and it has been witnessed, you keep the original for the time being and either scan a copy to us or send us a photograph.  We can then ensure that the Will is valid and that we hold an independent record of it for you.

We will be happy to store your original Will for you when things get back to normal.