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Lack of mental capacity and finances during Covid-19

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Heather Lally, Associate Solicitor, Estate and Trust Practitioner and fully accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly from FDR Law examines how finances can be managed for those who lack mental capacity.

Whilst the world is in lockdown, to some extent normality continues for those who have been suffering prior to Covid-19 with dementia, alzheimer’s disease or other deterioration of mental capacity issues.

Relatives or friends of those who have not appointed Attorneys to look after their financial affairs are now tasked with trying to assist them. How do they do that?

A Deputy can be appointed through the Court of Protection.  Heather Lally is experienced in dealing with such applications.  One particular case involved an elderly gentleman who sadly had no relatives but did have good friends.  His mental health deteriorated to an extent that he needed to be cared for in residential care and his friends provided the relevant information and documentation, so that a Professional Solicitor Deputy was appointed on his behalf. This ensured that his assets and finances were protected, his house sold and the proceeds invested to ensure his needs were met and his bills were paid on time.  It also ensured that he had the right benefits and support from the Department for Work and Pensions that he was entitled to.  

FDR Law can assist in preserving assets and protecting the vulnerable at this difficult time.

For more information in relation to a Deputy application, contact Heather Lally on 01928 739300 or email Heather.Lally@fdrlaw.co.uk