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How the world is changing through video-conferencing

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With the current social distancing measures that are in place, we are sadly not able to have actual face to face meetings with clients so have to come up with other solutions. 

Yesterday, I had a client meeting booked in to discuss the estate of a lady who had passed away from Covid19. The executors, both in their 70s, lived in separate houses and one was self-isolating as part of the twelve-week isolation. In such difficult times, I wanted to make our meeting as personal as possible and so asked the executors to download an app for video conferencing. 

Both clients downloaded the app on their smartphones and to see their delight when I called them and they could see me and each other was just brilliant. This way of meeting allowed me to discuss the affairs of the lady who had passed away whilst being face-to-face with vulnerable clients. This is so important in my role as a Private Client Solicitor and something that I will continue to use to help clients feel at ease at such a difficult time for them. 

The video conference was successful, my client said it was an excuse to style her hair and put on a bit of make-up – something she hasn’t done for 8 weeks.  I am pleased how people are adapting to this new way of life and that our meeting has inspired my clients to call each other using video conference to stay in touch.

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