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FDR Law Legal Clinic - The impact of Chicken Pox Infections

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Daniel Lee, Litigation Associate Solicitor discusses the impact of Chicken Pox infections

Q: Complications following Chicken Pox infections have been in the news recently, what can a parent do if you feel that your concerns are not being heard by the medical profession when seeking help or advice?

A: Firstly it is important to point out it is rare when there are incidents of complications following Chicken Pox and in the majority of cases the patient recovers quickly and without any lasting effects.

If the patient develops secondary infections or has other medical conditions that could be affected by the Chicken Pox virus, it is advised that medical treatment is sought as soon as possible from a GP or the NHS.

A delay in receiving the right level of medical treatment may lead to further infection or complications.  As a result the patient may have a longer recovery time and may require specialist rehabilitation care or equipment to aid them.  In extremely rare situations, this may result in long term care needs and therefore immediate, interim and ongoing financial provision would be needed to support the patient and family. 

If it can be proven that there has been a lack of duty of care with providing medical assistance at the crucial points, then there may be a case for recovering ongoing medical costs.  A solicitor specialising in medical negligence will be able to advise you accordingly.

As I said though, these cases are thankfully rare and if you have any concerns about your child’s health then there are many options available to us in the UK to seek medical help including the NHS 111, though if you are still concerned about a family member not responding to treatment then seek further medical support immediately.

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