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FDR Law Case Study - Personal Injury - Roadside Trip

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Brian Owens, a specialist litigation executive with FDR Law, based in Palmyra Square, Warrington discusses a personal injury claim following a fall on a defective roadside
We represented Mrs X and recovered for her £10,000 following an accident that occurred in 2015. 
Walking home from a concert on Christmas Eve, Mrs X stumbled and fell due to the defective nature of the roadway.  She suffered a fracture to her right wrist and thumb, lacerations to her knees and suspected fractures to her ribcage with aching and discomfort to her upper limbs due to the fall. 
Mrs X made a claim through the Claims Portal but there was some significant delay in processing the claim due to difficulties in identifying the land owner and a denial of liability was initially provided.  As a result, Mrs X was left with the choice of abandoning the claim or commencing legal proceedings.
She chose the latter and engaged FDR Law as her legal team, following settlement offers, negotiations were eventually entered into with the Defendants insurer leading to the settlement figure of £10,000.
Brian Owens can be contacted on 01925 230000 or by email brian.owens@fdrlaw.co.uk
Case reference HOR1446-1