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Custody Fights and Covid-19

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Recently the BBC highlighted that some separated parents are exploiting the Pandemic as a means to stop their children from seeing the other parent. This has not been helped by the confusion caused by Michael Gove when he first said children could not move between households but subsequently changed his position. 

Suzanne Scriven, specialist Family Law Solicitor at FDR Law with offices at Stockton Heath, Warrington and Frodsham says,

“We have received a lot of enquires about this. Parents have to balance the importance of ensuring a child’s safety and protecting them from this virus with supporting the emotional wellbeing of the child through maintaining relationships with the other parent and family members. Most children want to be in contact with both parents and benefit from seeing them both. Court orders do still have to be adhered to, and if they aren’t, the Court could potentially impose serious sanctions for non compliance. If you are worried about contact arrangements under an order it is vital that you take specialist legal advice”

We are able to take appointments and offer advice by telephone or videoconference.  Simply call our usual office number 01925 230000 or e-mail suzanne.scriven@fdrlaw.co.uk to discuss any of the issues raised in this article on a confidential basis.