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Co-Parenting; it can work

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Recently Heidi Klum the Supermodel has been vocal in her praise for the concept of co-parenting. In 2012 she divorced from the pop singer Seal. In US Weekly she indicated that whilst co-parenting can be challenging as it requires teamwork, if both parents work as a team it is really easy and not a real challenge at all. Very often the issue, particularly in children cases, is where the parents are not able to work together. It is important to keep in mind that after the Courts finish deciding upon a children case ultimately it is then left in the hands of the parents to move matters forward. Therefore, if parents can work together it will be a lot less stressful for the parents and most importantly the children, and indeed a lot less expensive as it should negate the need for further court applications.

Parents can produce a legally binding document, known as a Parenting Agreement, which can then be approved by the Court which will set out the expectations of each of the parents, where and when the children will stay with each parent and how any important decisions will be made. If parents can, at an early stage of separation, reach agreement then Parenting Agreements are invaluable in making the arrangements work.

The main advantage of course to a Parenting Agreement is that the parents work together to set out the contents and as such can find an arrangement which not only suits the child but suits both of them also. It also lets each parent know that they recognise the importance of the other. The Court’s starting position when it comes to any children matter is that it is the child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

At FDR Law we can provide clients with assistance in preparing Parenting Agreements.