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Foundation Funds Bushcraft Summer Activities

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FDR Foundation delighted to be able to support Cheshire based NeuroMuscular Centre


Yesterday marked the first session for the NeuroMuscular Centre's (NMC) Bushcraft season. This is part of a wider programme of support and events that NMC provides for those with neuromuscular conditions, carers, and the whole family. Activities such as this serve as a break for carers, with the chance to enhance life outside of their caring role. They also provide opportunities for those with neuromuscular conditions to enjoy stimulating experiences and and achieve new things.

The NMC was founded in 1990 with a determination to plug a gap in services for those with neuromuscular conditions (including muscular dystrophy), and to enable those living with the disabling condition to enjoy fulfilling and productive lives. The independent charity has grown to offer a range of services including it's own social enterprise design and print service - NMC Design & Print. Further details on the work NMC does can be found at http://www.nmcentre.com/about-us

Every summer NMC holds a range of outdoor activities as part of Bushcraft season that includes wood carving, shelter making, first aid and more. It's a great opportunity for the young people involved to build relationships, learn new skills and enjoy adventures in the great outdoors. Chair of the FDR Foundation, Margaret Evans and Foundation Secretary, Grace Griffin visited the site in Winsford, Cheshire yesterday to present the cheque to fund this season's activities and were impressed by the facilities on offer.