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High Housing Costs in Warrington Trap Unhappy Couples

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Crippling rents and the high cost of home ownership are forcing many unhappy couples to remain under the same roof, warns Warrington-based FDR Law.

A recent report, from the housing charity Shelter, has found that 3.6 million people, just over 5% of the population, have been forced to stay together in the same home because they cannot afford to move out.

With the average house in Warrington costing £174,902 and average monthly rents set at around £640, Audrey Venables, the firm’s head of family law, believes many local couples and families are becoming trapped in unhappy homes.

She said: “Many people are stuck in unhappy relationships but are unable to do anything about it because it’s too costly to split up. If you compound this with the fact that from 1st April, the Government is abolishing legal aid for anyone seeking separation or divorce (apart from domestic violence or forced marriage) then we are storing up problems for an awful lot of people.

“There is likely to be a great deal of misery and discontent which could lead to an increase in mental health issues and even potentially a rise in domestic violence. As a society we should be very worried.

“In this climate, it’s even more important that couples embark on marriage or shared home ownership with their eyes open. The best way to ensure a good outcome, if things go wrong, is to set out your stall right at the beginning with a pre-nuptial or co-habitation/ living together agreement.”

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