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Legal advice from Tim Jordan, Co-Head of Residential Property at FDR Law, Stockton Heath, Warrington.

Make sure your new property is ‘safe as houses’

Q: I’m about to buy my first house. Apparently I have to pay for a basic property survey to satisfy my mortgage lender. Is there any point spending extra to get a survey done for me?

A: Bre ever likely to make. Commissioning adequate surveys and searches through a qualified solicitor is absolutely vital to protect your investment.

If you think of the unlucky residents who have suffered from flooding this winter, checking whether your house is built on a flood plain is essential information. Armed with this knowledge, many people may have saved themselves a lot of mess and heartache by deciding to buy an alternative home on higher ground.

Your new property may also be in the path of a new road, the proposed HS2 high speed rail link or close to one of the new controversial fracking sites. The only way to check your property will not be adversely affected by external development is to carry out thorough legal searches with your local authority, water company and environmental bodies. Your solicitor should take care of this for you.

Getting a survey done for a mortgage lender is usually a condition of their loan and is purely for the use of the mortgage company to protect the value of their investment. You cannot rely on it to reveal defects in the house, such as damp or unstable walls, poor foundations or rotten window frames. The only way to guarantee you are entering into the purchase with your eyes wide open is to commission your own comprehensive survey. It could save you a fortune in the long run and if the surveyor does uncover a defect which will take a large sum to fix, you may want to use this knowledge to re-negotiate the price with the vendor.

We offer a range of fixed price conveyancing packages, so you know upfront exactly what you need to pay.

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