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FDR Law - Legal Clinic - Post Christmas Separation

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Rachel Kendrick is a chartered family legal executive at FDR Law’s Stockton Heath office

Dealing with post-Christmas Separation

Q: My husband and I have been unhappy together for some time. We kept up appearances to celebrate a final family Christmas for the sake of the children but now we want to separate. How do we make this as painless as possible?

A: Separation and divorce can be painful and stressful at any time of the year and for many people a new year is the catalyst for making important changes in their lives. In a recent survey, one in four unhappy couples admit staying together for the sake of the children and a fifth spin out an awkward relationship over Christmas to avoid rocking the boat for their families, so you are not alone.

There are a number of websites which offer advice on the basics of separation and divorce, including a useful guide from the family law organisation, Resolution, which can be downloaded free at .

Speaking from experience, those who deal with separation best are the couples who manage to avoid conflict and keep relations as friendly as possible, particularly where children are involved. You don’t have to go to court. If you and your husband need a little extra help to resolve matters, there are several non-confrontational options available.

A specialist family lawyer can advise and work with you to decide how best to reach amicable conclusions on future arrangements for your children and how money and assets, such as the family home, could be divided between you.

Keeping negotiations flexible and friendly is usually much quicker and cheaper than battling out settlements through the courts. It will help to minimise the emotional trauma of divorce for all your family, allowing you all to move forward with your lives as painlessly and speedily as possible.

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