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Don't fall for the Cold Caller

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A personal warning by Stephen Lawson

The widespread problem of unregulated cold callers trying to sell Will-writing services was personally experienced by solicitor Stephen Lawson, our litigation and will dispute expert, recently.
He writes….

“I recently went to my local DIY store to buy a chainsaw.  As I was leaving the store I was approached by a woman and asked if I had contemplated making a Will.  She offered to make one for me – for a fee! I do realise that the sight of me carrying a chainsaw may have led her to believe that I was the type of person who was likely to have a fatal accident.  I declined her offer and survived my tree felling exercise.

“By their Code of Conduct, solicitors are not entitled to approach people to ask them to make a Will.  However ironically, it is perfectly within the law for unregulated, unqualified individuals to approach people to offer Will-writing services.

“I cannot believe this is in the public interest.  I sincerely hope people do not get pressurised into making Wills and appointing unregulated will-writers as executors of their estate.  I also hope that the Will-writing business is not falling into the same disrepute as the perceived ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyers.”

For more information visit our Wills and Probate page or contact Stephen Lawson