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Divorcing? Don't under estimate the cost of raising a child

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Childcare costs have rocketed by 42% in the last six years, according to new figures released by the Child Poverty Action Group

Children are expensive but when it comes to counting the cost of divorce, FDR Law family specialists believe many vulnerable people, mainly women, are losing out on claiming their fair share of the family finances.

Now legal aid has been stopped for the vast majority of divorce and family issues, the losers are usually mothers who are trying to save money on legal fees by opting for DIY divorces, without fully taking into account the long term costs of bringing up a child.

Jennifer Roulston, family law partner at FDR Law, said: “If you have children, not seeking proper legal advice when you divorce is almost always a false economy. The principle behind the division of family assets is that both parties should emerge with a similar standard of living.

“However mothers have often given up work or gone part-time to care for their children. Men may take an initial hit on their capital but because the cost of bringing up a child is grossly under estimated, they often do far better in the long run.

“Family law specialists help to create a level playing field and an investment of a few hundred pounds for expert legal advice could save people thousands in the long term.”

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