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Answering Your Questions About Criminal Defence

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FDR Law Criminal Lawyers are available 24 hours, seven days every week. Call 07808 140659

The problem is that the law is so complicated these days and it affects almost everything that you do, it is very easy to get into trouble and much harder to get out of it.  Whoever you are, whatever your job, whether you went to college or not, once you are involved with the law, however smart you are, the men (and women) in black and their lawyers are bound to have the edge on you.

The problem is that if you find yourself at a disadvantage, it’s probably not going to even things up if you just cross your fingers, rely on good old British Justice and hope for the best.

The solution is the first step is the easiest and easily the best thing you can do.  Get yourself a good lawyer in your corner.  If you aren’t sure just think, have you ever seen a police officer in trouble go into court alone. The fact is that although the outcome is never guaranteed arming yourself with good representation will take the advantage away from the professionals on the other side and give you the best chance you can get. The trick is to get lawyers who are experienced and will fight your case on your terms.

How do you know who to choose?  There is always word of mouth. If you know someone who has used lawyers in court ask how good they found their lawyers and whether they would recommend them.

If you don’t know where to start call us at FDR Law.  Why us?  We have been doing this for a very long time in North Cheshire and have had one of the busiest practices for as long, which maybe tells you something.
It doesn’t matter what the charge is, we will have seen it, and whatever the offence we will have taken it to trial, whether it’s arson, assault, bigamy, burglary, benefit cases, conspiracy, computer crime, damage, drugs, dangerous dogs, environmental offences, fraud and all the way through the criminal alphabet, including murder (though not piracy).

Our experienced solicitors are supported by specialist Crown Court Unit and police station staff and our clients are guaranteed respect, a fair hearing, discretion and that we’ll put them first.

Police Station Assistance - People who have been arrested or who are asked by the police to go in for voluntary interview often choose to be interviewed alone and often regret it.

True or false?

  1. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’ll just tell them what happened and they’ll let me go.
  2. If I ask for a solicitor they will keep me here for much longer whilst I wait for a lawyer to come out.
  3. I can’t afford a solicitor.
  4. I’m admitting it anyway so there is no point in having a solicitor
  5. It doesn’t matter what I say to the police, I’ll sort it out when I get to court.

The answer is that each of these propositions is false.

Do you need us? Yes you do.  You might think you’ve done nothing wrong but it’s possible, even likely, that the police will think otherwise. We can advise you on exactly what to say and how to say it.

You might think that if you say nothing to the police you can save it for court or perhaps you can say one thing now and another later. You can do these things but it may not turn out to be the best thing to do. 
What you say in your interview is vital to your case. It will help you even if you are intending to admit an offence and if you are fighting your interview will be the foundation of your defence.

We will aim to get you out of this in the best possible way. Once we have attended we will speak to the police, find out what they think you’ve done, found out what evidence they have to support their suspicions and we will then speak to you confidentially and away from the police.

The fact is that in the police station you may be dealt with by a number of different people from custody sergeants, interviewers, arresting officers and detention officers and you are there alone with perhaps only two people you can have informed – one private and the other a solicitor.

Don’t be overwhelmed you need a lawyer - call a FDR Law Criminal Lawyer 24 hours on 07808 140659.
Court Attendance - Whatever the offence going to court is a worry, particularly if you’ve never been before. Get advice before you go and find out if you need representation and if you do take us with you.

Most people coming before court for the first time will be apprehensive. It’s a strange environment, sometimes set in old, intimidating buildings and the language that the lawyers use doesn’t make it any easier. If that’s not enough there’s also, more importantly, the worry about what’s going to happen if you plead guilty. Are you going to prison? Are they going to fine you a fortune? How will you pay? You want to plead not guilty and bring witnesses to show that you’ve done nothing wrong. How do you do this?

We have seen people come to court without lawyers and they do alright for themselves. Others might ask to see the Duty Solicitor when they arrive at court, but this doesn’t allow much time to form the sort of relationship between lawyer and client that can make all the difference. It’s better to instruct a solicitor as soon as you know you’ve got to face court. That way your lawyer should know a lot about your case before you step inside the building and you will know if you trust your solicitors and have the confidence in your lawyer that you will need to feel.

We have the experience to see you through this, we will stand up for your interests and see that you get the fairest result possible. Also, if, whilst we are working for you, there are any unanswered questions we are always available by phone, e-mail or appointment.

Road Traffic Defence - We defend all types of traffic cases in all courts, whether it be mobile phone or speeding offences, matters where your license may be under threat from points disqualifications through to drink driving prosecutions and, most seriously of all, causing death by dangerous driving. As with most things, there are trends in this area and we have successfully represented a number of young people who have been prosecuted for driving without insurance where they have been assured that they are covered on their parents’ policy. We recently acted in a case that went before the High Court and led to an interpretation of the law in cases where there is a responsibility to provide driver information to the police, which the Crown Prosecution Service estimated would affect thousands of cases.

Your case might be complicated, it may be simple, but whatever it is it’s worth taking advice.


  • Am I entitled to have a solicitor at the police station? If you are arrested and detained at the police station, or attend voluntarily for an interview, one of your rights is to have a legal representative of your choice present to represent your interests, and to advise you. We are funded by the Criminal Defence Service, and therefore all representation at the police station is free of charge, irrespective of your means, or the nature of the offence for which you are at the police station.
  • What happens if I am arrested outside normal office hours? Our Solicitors are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you are arrested, when you are taken to the police station you will be asked whether you want a Solicitor. When you ask for us, or one of our Solicitors by name, we will automatically be contacted, and will contact the police station, and you immediately. If you have a pre arranged time to attend at the police station, by contacting our office we can make sure one of our team is there to meet you upon your arrival, and advise you throughout the process.
  • Do I need a solicitor at the police station? Yes. The actions you take at the police station can have huge implications on how your matter progresses. Our team can advise you on the police procedures, strengths or weaknesses of the police case, and how to approach your interview. We can also make representations on your behalf in relation to cautions, bail, fixed penalty notices and the amount of time you are detained at the police stations. All of our team have undergone years of training, and numerous qualifications to enable them to provide the best possible advice to you.
  • I did not have a solicitor when I was arrested and I have return to the police station, can I have a solicitor this time? If you were not represented initially, you are able to arrange for a Solicitor of your choice to attend with you when you answer your bail at the police station. This can be pre arranged by contacting our office, or when you arrive at the police station you can ask for us to be contacted.
  • What happens if I get charged with an offence? If you are charged with an offence you will be given a date to attend Court. One of our solicitors can attend Court with you and represent you throughout your case. The first hearing normally involves entering a plea. Our solicitors would be able to advise you on the strength of the prosecution case, likely outcomes, and the best course of action for you.
  • Will I get legal aid at court? Legal Aid is available for many cases, but is dependant upon your means and the nature of your case. Our team will be able to advise you whether you qualify for Legal Aid, and will complete the necessary forms with you.
  • How much will it cost if I don't qualify for legal aid? The cost of the representation will depend upon the nature of your case, as some cases can be concluded in one hearing, others take months of work to complete. Our team will be able to give you a preliminary indication of cost, and in some cases agree a fee with you to undertake your case. We will not charge you any amount without first seeking your approval and agreement to do so. If you are acquitted we will apply for as much of your costs to be reimbursed to you as possible.
  • How long will it take for my case to be concluded? Each case is different. Some straightforward cases, where a person wishes to enter a guilty plea, could be concluded at the first hearing. Other cases, where a not guilty plea is entered, then a trial set can last longer. It will depend upon the nature of the case, plea entered, and also whether the matter is dealt with in the Magistrates or Crown Court. Our solicitors will be able to advise you of the timescale in your case as the matter progresses.

For further information contact FDR Law Criminal solicitors Gary Heaven or Gary Schooler