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Eleanor Woodall

FDR Law Legal Clinic - Setting up a Company

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Q: Do I need to use professional services to set up a company or can I do this myself? A: You are able to register a limited company yourself; however there are a number of considerations which require an understanding of the legal requirements: ...

FDR Law Legal Clinic - Partnership Vs Private Limited Company

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Legal advice from Eleanor Woodall, trainee commercial solicitor at FDR Law Bold Street, Warrington. Partnership vs Limited Company Q: I am setting up a new business with a friend, should we register as a partnership or as a private limited company? A:...

FDR Law Legal Clinic - Business Contracts

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Legal advice from Eleanor Woodall, a commercial paralegal, at FDR Law, Bold Street, Warrington. Getting your business off to the right start Q: I am setting up a new business. How important is it to create formal terms and conditions? I’ve read...